Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The pictures are finally bigger. I finally figured it out. Yeah!!
We went to the Zoo on Memorial Day as part of Eddy's family tradition. We had a fun time & especially liked the bird show where Eddy was chosen to have a rather large bird take his $5 bill.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Becca's Fancy Nancy Party

Becca's Fancy Nancy party was stupendous (fancy word for wonderful). My sister, Cassie, helped decorate the place to look fancy. When the kids arrived they decorated their plain bags to make them fancy and made fancy necklaces. Then I read "Fancy Nancy" and played the game "Fancy or Plain." We then had a fancy tea party with cherry 7up, cupcakes & parfaits (fancy word for ice cream sundaes). They liked the sprinkles the most. Then we played Fancy Nancy bingo and went on a treasure hunt. During the hunt, the kids found candy but the treasure was at the end of the hunt when Madame Cassie handed out jewelry. They each received a necklace,bracelet, ring, boa, jewelry box, pretend earrings, and fancy pink glasses. Becca's cousin Jaden was the only boy so he took home a water gun, bubble stick & fancy boy sunglasses. We had a fashion show where the kids walked down the runway showing off their fancy clothes. We had an unexpected guest arrive, my sister Emilee, who I volunteered to show us how to model. The best model was Jaden who walked down, did a somersault, and turned out in a pose. He reminded me of my brother! After the fashion show, Becca opened up her gifts and said, "Merci."

How do you raise your hand in school?

We ask Catelyn, "How do you raise your hand in school," and she raises her arm up to be tickled! When we say, "How big is Catelyn," she raises both arms as we say, "So Big!"

Gardner Village

Gardner Village is a fun place for just the girls. Emilee invited us to spend the day with her on her birthday.

Jesse's Band Concert

Jesse did really well in band this year. As you can see he made some new friends. He also made the Alta High School Wind Ensemble for next year!

Zachary's Principal Award

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zachary's Lacrosse games

Zachary has won and scored 3/4 games. He loves lacrosse & it's really fun to watch!

Becca's 4th birthday party invitation

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