Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flag Football

Zachary made his first touchdown during his Flag Football game on Saturday! Yeah Zach!

School Pictures

Monday, September 15, 2008

Catelyn's Blessing

Dad's Surprise Party

My mom rented out the theatre to surprise my Dad with all his family/friends at the movies. It was great fun and he was surprised, especially since he actually suggested going to that particular movie that night. We also watched a home movie about his life. We missed Ryan, Ashley, & Kennedee there but had a great time.

Jesse's Football

We had a great Football day on Saturday. Jesse's team won & BYU beat UCLA! Jesse, as Wide Receiver, caught a pass to almost make a touchdown. The team ended up making the touchdown to beat the Riverton team.

Zachary's 4th grade Egg Drop

In 4th grade, the kids get to do the Egg Drop from the roof of their school. They design a creative way to protect the egg so it survives. Zachary decided to make a parachute out of a BYU bag(GO BYU) and place the egg inside a medicine container. Good news: his egg survived!

Becca's Mommy School

Mommy school is where Becca learns her ABC's by doing activities that correspond to the letter of the week. I have all the materials from when I taught preschool so it's great. We do flannel board, snack, craft, dancing, stories, songs, and an activity. Becca has learned the letters A-D so far. When she decides to finally potty train, she will go to preschool but in the meantime, this is great one on one time with her during the day when the kids are in school!

My Shelfari Bookshelf

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