Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zachary's 4th grade Winter Ball

I promised I wouldn't post pictures of the dancing and singing. So, here's a couple of non-embarassing pictures!

Becca & Catelyn with the "Ward Breakfast" Santa

Taking trax to Christmas Sing-along

We took the trax downtown to attend the Christmas sing-along at the Energy Solutions center. We went with my sister, Emilee & her husband Adrian. We decided to make this free & festive event a tradition every year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas activity

This is Mr. Peeps, the elf who visits us every year. He moves around the house watching boys and girls to see if they are being good. Then he reports to Santa on Christmas Eve, which determines what Santa gives to the kids.

I am wondering if Mr. Peeps could tell me who in the family has been stealing candy from the Christmas countdown. Today is December 9. As you can see below, there's some candy missing....

A closer look...

Which one of these people is being naughty & sneaking candy?

Eddy is a possibility although he denies everything.
Jesse is a teenager who likes to eat food, especially candy.
Zachary also loves candy.
Becca might think it's potty candy.

Who do you vote for?

Monday, December 1, 2008


The day after Thanksgiving, we saw two different Santa's since there were no lines! This is the first year Becca would sit on Santa's lap without crying. This is what the kids asked for: Becca (barbie), Zachary (video games) & Jesse (car, phone, money)!

Decorating for Christmas

Catelyn 6 months old

Thanksgiving Day

We had a fun Thanksgiving with the McDaniel's & Wintertons. Zachary made the Turkey bread. We ate, played games & had a great time.

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