Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July/Park City

We went to Park City with Eddy's family. It was fun to celebrate 4th of July there with the parade and fireworks. The kids were in the parade! We did several activities during the week, including the alpine slides and activities provided by the resort. Our favorite activities were the arts & crafts, pool games, tournaments, & scavenger hunt.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Manti Pageant, Camping at Palisades

Our family went on a 2 day camping trip to Manti & Palisades State park. We were sad to leave Catelyn at the Lytle's but realized it was for the best. She wouldn't do as well at the camping site! The first night we camped at the Temple Hill Resort. The crazy thing was it was pouring rain all the way there. We were about to turn back. I called the Pageant & asked if they were still holding it that night with the rain. The lady told me we would be fine; the rain would stop. Miracles do happen; maybe that's why it's called the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Right when we drove into Manti, the rain stopped. It was a clear sky the rest of the night! We set up the tent, went to the Pageant & then spent the next morning at the campsite. They had a pool, playground, minature horse, volleyball, etc. We laughed about the pool because it was advertised as a "heated pool." Well, it was freezing cold. I asked the manager about it and he replied, "It's heated by the sun." Next, we went to the Manti Temple visitor center. What a unique and beautiful temple. We also went to a Pioneer dugout. In the later afternoon, we checked into Palisades State Park. We signed up for this Family Camping experience but didn't realize how cool it would be. We met another family from our area and had such a fun time. They provided the camping, food & activities. We played in the lake, went golfing & fishing, had smores & played family games. This was the first time I have been golfing or fishing. It was fun to golf with the family, esp. since it's Eddy's expertise. They gave each of the kids their own tackle box but we didn't catch any fish. It's nice to get away once in a while with the family, away from the busyness of our lives & really enjoy each other's company.

Discovery Museum at Gateway

Zachary tennis class

This is dedicated to my Dad who loves to play tennis. Zachary, along with his cousins Chris & Rachel Roberts took a tennis class this summer. They were competitive with the other kids & had a fun time. Now they are ready to beat their grandpa!

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